Eyebrow Transplant FAQsEyebrows are a very important facial feature, they frame the face, portray emotion and can really define your appearance. There’s a whole section of the beauty industry benefiting from our lust for great brows. Along with the increase in products promising the perfect brows, the popularity of permanent eyebrow restoration has increased dramatically.

In contrast to drawing on eyebrows every day, many people are opting for more permanent solutions to ensure perfect brows 24/7. There are semi-permanent solutions such as cosmetic tattooing or microblading, and a permanent solution – eyebrow transplant. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions for eyebrow restoration through follicle transplant.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow restoration or eyebrow transplant, is a procedure where hair follicles are transplanted into the brow to restore the appearance of the eyebrows. To ensure your new eyebrows look completely natural, each hair follicle is placed at the correct angle and density. The treatment has minimal recovery time and no detectable scarring.

Eyebrow transplant can be used to perfect existing brows, to thicken and add density to over-plucked brows or to completely craft new eyebrows for those with no brows at all.

Eyebrow Transplant* Please note that eyebrows are created to compliment each individual face so results will vary from patient to patient.


What hair is used?

The harvesting of the hair follicles for a Gro eyebrow restoration is the same as for a microsurgery hair transplant. Hair follicles are taken from the scalp (usually the soft hairs at the nape of the neck) by a Gro technique certified doctor with a specialised extraction tool. The follicles are transplanted into the brow with another specialised tool that offers control over the depth, angle and direction of the hair, to blend seamlessly, creating natural looking eyebrows.

Will the hair grow longer than normal eyebrows?

Yes, Initially the hair will have to be trimmed for up to two years, then it will mimic the growth patterns of normal eyebrow hairs.

Can hair be transplanted into a scar?

Yes, eyebrow transplant can be used to fill gaps in eyebrows from scars. PRP therapy can also be used to give the treatment area growth factors to assist and promote hair growth.

Do you need to shave your eyebrows before treatment?

No, the Gro microsurgery technique does not require you to shave your eyebrows prior to your procedure.


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